been a couple of weeks of firsts for me a hospital visit for suspected gall bladder problems a hundred tests later diagnosed with breast cancer that has already spread to liver and bone only had a mammogram 14 months ago so pissed off start chemo this week and now i am using a blog which i have never done before all a real learning experience
Hi Sandy, Welcome to the site. Good luck for the start of the chemo - another new experience that nobody wants to have. Allicat
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Hi Sandy, Welcome to blogging, I hope it gives you some comfort at this very scary time. I have found it to be great to read and talk with others who do know what we going through, yes we all have different cancers but I find sharing our stories, fears, hopes and the stuff we find difficult to talk about with our family or friends in such a safe and protected enviroment is helping me so much already. Deb
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Hi all This is one place in my life where I never feel frustrated. It is like there are rubber walls here so I can just write what is on my mind and I know it will be understood. Everywhere else I have to decide on the best approach, most appropriate language, who will be put out or something, etc, etc, etc. Not here. I love it. Despite the network TV circumstances I did think the Dalai Lama joke was quite funny. I can imagine walking in here and saying 'make me one with everything'. Nice. H
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Many of us have found that some people don't know what to say or how to react to us when they know we have cancer. It's cells in our bodies that have acted wrongly not us! Also some relationships change and you find out those who really care ,those who don't and those who don't know how to show that they do.
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Sandy,my comment above was in rely to you blog about THE LOOK. I am very sorry to read that your cancer has spread and hope that your treatment goes well.
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