g'day everyone, I was told four days ago that I have lung cancer. I have a large support group of family and friends but although they are trying to say and do all the right things they are not in our boat. I feel that I have no hope and all I can think of is death and the fact that my mother died at my age, that is 57. I am having a hard time believing that God could be repeating history with me. Mum had just done up her house (I have also) and got it beautiful (me too). I am feeling terrible for causing such pain to everyone that loves me, they have been turning up at my door crying and I know they cant help it, I have heard their pain in their voices over the phone. oooo f*** this is bad!
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It is just such a shock when you are first diagnosed but hang in there. I was diagnosed 4.5 years ago with stage 4 lung cancer and I'm still hrere, and thoroughly enjoying life. Please, tell us more about your diagnosis and treatment plan. Lean on your support group, but also research, learn and advocate for yourself. There are lots on good websites, in particular Grace, where you can have access to oncologists with expertise specifically in lung cancer. One day at a time Gail
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hi Gail, thanks so much for your encouragement, I actually made a visit to a surgeon yesterday (also had a PET scan) he wont operate because my lungs just wouldn't cope. however the cancer is contained to the right lung and hasn't progressed since my last PET scan in February. The cancer wasn't discovered back then because I had an infection in the lung and the results where misunderstood. I see my doctor next Thursday (27 June, 2013) to discuss my radiation treatment. thanks again, and all the best to you. Ros (holysmoke)
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Holysmoke, I can really empathise with you. I lost my mum to lung cancer when she was 57 years young and here I am at 53 finding that my kidney cancer has progressed to my lungs and that I have limited options. The roller coaster ride of emotions is hard to cope with at times but I am continually humbled by the amount of support that family and friends provide. So glad to hear that your cancer has not progressed. I am new to this site and was fumbling around looking to connect with people who are facing similar issues to me. Thanks for sharing.
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Hi holysmoke, Cancer really is overwhelming and scary.....don't ever apologise for having ur own feelings, experiences and thoughts. Lung cancer is a scary diagnosis and the survival rates r low. I've learnt tho they don't know everything and sometimes miracles just happen. 14mths since my stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis and I'm still here kicking on - and if I have my way for many years to come. My saving grace I think has been the power of positive thinking.... It doesnt make it better but sure makes it easier to manage. Life is what we make of it.... We can live, laugh and love..... Or we can fear, cry and worry. Don't get me wrong, this is hard stuff and may seem some days like it will break us. Have faith and come what may. Keep us posted and we r here for u if need to vent, rant and sometimes just plan yell "this isn't fair". Take care , Rubes
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