Dad diagnosed with Stage 2 Stomach Cancer. Need an advice

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Dad diagnosed with Stage 2 Stomach Cancer. Need an advice


So my dad just told me he got diagnosed with stomach cancer Stage 2 in June 2018. He don't want chemo and operations as he thinks that he can fight the cancer naturally by changing his diets- eating only meat and veges, taking super food and supplements. He went to Germany to visit my sister and got a second opinion from a German doctor. The doctor was shocked that he did not do any treatment as it's a worse case of stomach cancer. Also, he went for a check up 2 weeks ago and found that the cancer has spread a little. Hence, my sister has been pressuring him to do treatment but failed to do so. So I tried instead but my dad said that he wants to fight it naturally. I want to prove to him that chemo and operation are really required for him to at least have the chance to live for more than 5 years instead of gambling with his life with healthy diet and supplements. I need advice on how can I persuade him to go and get treatments please. Thank you. 

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Re: Dad diagnosed with Stage 2 Stomach Cancer. Need an advice

Thanks for joining and welcome to the Online Community @maysmei!


How are you travelling today? 


Just bumping this up so other members of the Community can offer their support and suggestions Smiley Happy


Are you able to go along with him to his appointments with the oncologist, if he is attending them? Do you know what stage he is at currently?


I understand that this must be incredibly difficult for yourself and your sister. Would a change of tactic help perhaps? Make your concerns known but also ask him to talk with his oncologist so he is aware of the bigger picture, and if possible go with him, so that you are informed as well. 


Does anyone have any suggestions to assist @maysmei with her Dad?

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Re: Dad diagnosed with Stage 2 Stomach Cancer. Need an advice

Hi Maysmei,

I have been diagnosed with stomach cancer in early June, and it happened to be stage 2. I had two months of chemotherapy treatment in August-September, then surgery in October. Total gastrectomy. I am now recovering after surgery, will have another two months of chemo early next year. My stomach cancer was only 10mm when first diadnosed in early June after endoscopy procedure. I had a ct scan and pet scan after that, and the enlarged lymph node has been found near my spleen. I also had a laparoscopy procedure about a month before my operation. By the way, the cancer in my stomach was 40mm in size when I started chemo in August, i.e four times bigger than in June. Your dad has to act quickly if he wants to survive! There is no any other way of treatment. It may spread quickly to other lymph nodes and then to other organs, including lungs, which means stage 2 cancer will quickly develop to stage 3, then his chances of survival will be much less. It is an amazing carelessness to rely on any "natural way" to beat stomach cancer! There is NO natural way of treatment. The combination of chemotherapy and major surgery is the only way, and the longer you wait the less chances you have to survive. As simple as that.


My regards and best wishes to you and to your dad,





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Re: Dad diagnosed with Stage 2 Stomach Cancer. Need an advice

My husband was diagnosed with Esophagus Cancer. He had 4 and a half months with a tube up his nose, not being able to swallow his own saliva, 5 weeks of chemo everyday with radiation treatment once a week for five weeks, simultaneously. 

He has just had surgery to remove part of his edophagus and stomach. The remaining stomach was drawn up into the chest making a new esophagus. 

He had six sessions of physio, worked up until week four of treatment, has remained positive and worked hard to get through surgery, and may be completely cured. 

Let your dad read this and tell him not to let it get worse as this will only make it a lot harder to cure. Modern medicine is amazing so dont worry about him dying, tell him how he can survive.

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Re: Dad diagnosed with Stage 2 Stomach Cancer. Need an advice



I get you!! My step-dad (but lets call him my dad, thats how I see him), has been diagnosed with stage 4. After a few investigations etc, its turned out it was a tumor, through the stomach-wall so to say, in a few lympf nodes and the abodminal cavity. The hospital won´t operate him (it´s spreaded too much), and he is refusing other sorts of treatment. He is ignoring it. Thinks he fixed it while he was in the Philipines for a month just after the diagnosis. They convinced him its a imume-system error. And that needs to be fixed, and all is allright. Well, fast forward 3 months, and nothing is alright..... I am so angry. Treatment wouldnt help him anymore, but at least he could enjoy the last of his life more! ... sorry. Rant over. I hope you can convice your dad to get treatment. Even if it isnt for him, at least for the people who love him.

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