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Can anyone remember what it feels like to sleep 😩?

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Re: Sleep

Hi @Strictlyhannah and welcome to our community.


I am sure some of our community members will definitely resonate with not sleeping.


I am often a zombie myself, but I have a tiny human that is super attached to me and a hubby that snores the roof off, so I do commiserate!


How's your Dad doing? And also as important, how are you doing? ❤️



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Re: Sleep

Last time I can say I have had a solid full night sleep would one or 2 night last month when my husband was in hospital (slept due to exhaustion)...... prior to that I would estimate was in early October 

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Re: Sleep

Hi Strictlyhannah,

It's been a year or two since I had surgery/chemo. Sleep has improved, but isn't great.

What's the cause of your lack of sleep?

Is it because of surgery, chemo or because you're worried? A mixture of all three?


Sleep for me was probably at its worst after surgery.

When I lay on my side it felt like I was hollow inside (I had surgery) and felt like half of my insides had been removed for a number of months after.

Also I would wake up a few times during the night so I could go to the toilet (a colectomy has that effect), which I couldn't get back to sleep for a couple of hours afterwards.



Other times I would lay awake worrying if my family would be OK when I wasn't there.


Hope to hear from you soon.




Re: Sleep

It is not something that is forgettable, I mean sleeping time is the best time of daily life when you can actually relax without worrying about anything.

I think you're not able to sleep for a long time, I can understand your pain of not being able to sleep. One of my best friend was diagnosed with bone cancer and he got chemotherapy for the treatment. It was really hard for him to sleep because of continuous backaches before and after treatments.

He cried a lot in front of me but I was not able to do anything for him. After few days doctors said that they can't do anything and discharged him, after a 1week he died. That was the worst day ever of my life! But I think it is good that he will not have to bear that pain anymore.

I'm sorry to share this over here, I really hope that you'll get enough sleep and will recover soon. 

Best wishes!

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