Absolutely devastated

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Absolutely devastated

2016 I was diagnosed with Nodular Melanoma stage 3b. Skin graft and WLE to top of my head.

2017 33 nodules removed from side of neck, was in 1.

2017-2018 Blind Immunotherapy Trial....lots of side effects

End 2018 pneumonitis,  then PE in lungs, then given Clexane injections 

Jan 2019 massive bleed in abdomen.  3 ambulances,  5 hours worked on in emergency,  flown by Medstar to Royal Adelaide Hospital.  1 wk intensive care, 3 weeks on ward. Later pneumonia,  Organising pneumonia 

2020 Diverticulitis flare, flown to RAH

2020 mum diagnosed with breast cancer recurrent.  She'd had mastectomy and chemo 15 yrs ago. They put her on a harsh chemo tablet. Affected balance,  memory, feet. 

2021 I helped her and move into smaller home as they had a small farm.

2022 chemo caused falls, a mild stroke and heart attack symptoms.  They stopped chemo. She went down hill so fast. Passed away 5 Dec 2022. Mum was 81

My dog who was my soul mate, I loved her so much, she just filled my heart with so much love. Bindi developed heart and liver problems. After many trips to vet 300km away from us, many medications,  we had to finally put her to sleep 13 Feb 2023. My heart broke again that day.

2023 my 81 yr old father finally admitted he needed help to manage his pain. He'd kept quiet because of mums illness. After a couple of ED admissions, they discovered cancer everywhere. 

On 25 Feb 2023 my father went to join my darling mother. He'd been on the roof cleaning his gutters 3 weeks ago. 

My heart is utterly broken. How am I meant to survive all of this devastation? 

I have 2 siblings, but my older sister has taken on everything and I feel alone and not needed.

I also have a wonderful husband and 2 grown children with families of their own. They've been supportive. 

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Re: Absolutely devastated

Hi Wendy….., life is so hard sometimes that it’s incredible that we keep going and yet we do.  I’m so sorry for your health and your losses. I lost my beautiful dad and mum 18 months apart so I understand the heartbreak. Then I got cancer and after all that had a heart attack. I’m just grateful for every day with my family now. I still miss my parents so much. I’m glad you have your husband and children supporting you.  Sending you prayers and love. 🙏💕 LindaG 

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