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Hi gracemaggie17 the first person id speak to is your doctor, id call them and ask the same question you asked here, as they are the specialist and can advise inform you as they also have your health/medical history...they are best placed to assist you. Yes CT scan can be different for different people and sometime they dont administer the Oral solution contract or sometime to IV contrast as they can see creatine levels in your bllod and if that high they may elect not to do the contrast this time. I have been in this siutation where my levels were high but tghey gave me saline drip before the contrast....but i have different issue's i am keen to follow your poist up but remeber stay away from dr Google he knows nothing of your history and may only increase your anxiety of whats going on until you speak to your professionals. Like someone else already said i hope you get the diagnosis your hoping for .......stay strong and if there is one advise ask your doctor these questions and be safe.

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Re: CT scan

Hi Gracie Maggie

in which state do you live??
I have found in Victoria, it may take a week or so between appointments/tests….

They send results to your GP… So if it is taking too long, call your GP for an appointment, so maybe she/he can explain where the thinking process is going…. The waiting is the hardest…💖💖💖💖

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Re: CT scan

I have to agree that waiting sucks.  But it's better that they take the time and get it right the first time....

It seems like waiting is just something we had to get used to and learn how to use the time to mentally to prepare us for what if's. 

I personally love researching. I know so much useless information 🙉

They just removed a few lumps from under my rigth armpit. After the first biopsy they found cancer but now they are doing more testing. 

I'm now back to waiting to find out what kind it is..

I have developed a lump one of my left finger.

As I was researching I found out that the bend finger i was born with is a disease. I always thought it was a birth defect .

My father passed it down to me and my son has it. I found it interesting after all these years . But it's nothing really to worry about.

I also use the waiting time to enjoy what makes me happy. My wife and I are empty nesters . I have many expenses hobbies.  My wife never made time for herself . She put all her free time into our grandchildren. They now all live in different states. She was depressed for awhile. I finally convinced her to start a hobby. 

She has taken up collecting house plants. 

With is perfect because I love gardening and researching. Her hobby has brought us closer. You would be surprised how many hours we talk about her plants. 

I guess I'm making thi longer than it needs to be. 

Short answer is put more time enjoying what you have  . Or start a new hobbies..


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Re: CT scan

Hello GraceMaggie,


To be honest, I think the reason you may be waiting so long is because your doctor doesn't have anything definitive to tell you, yet. And I see this is a good thing. When I first went to my doctor, I was scanned, diagnosed, and then referred immediately to the hospital, all in two days, because the problem was clear.


I also find that talking straight with my doctor helps, too, however I'm not implying that you don't. The last thing I met with my oncologist, I asked to him to be honest with me about everything, and to tell me what's going on. I also asked for the best and worse scenarios straight out.


Good luck with this. I don't know why, but I have  positive feeling about your situation. You've got this, and you'll be fine.




Good luck with this.

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Re: CT scan


I personally love researching online. But you should always get professional medical advice for any uncertainty. 

If you don't think your doctor is doing enough get a second opinion. 

I saw my doctor almost a year ago and mentioned that I  felt like I had bugs under my skin, I felt unbalanced and just didn't feel myself.  We both kinda of brushed it off because I was just diagnosed with being pre diabetic..

I didn't even goggle my symptoms. Once I found a few lumps I started researching possible abilities. All my symptoms pointed that it could be lymphoma. 

My doctor is amazing but we could have caught this almost a year early..

Get a second opinion and mention to the new doctor what you think it could be. 

You wouldn't be the first person to help a doctor finger out what is wrong. 

Keep us updated on what you learn. 

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