Endometrial cancer

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Re: Endometrial cancer

Very nice. I'm looking forward to the rest of the week. 


I forgot I knew how to play that song on guitar. I will have to practice it and refresh my soured brain with the lyrics. The only other Stones song I tend to play is Mother's Little Helper which seems appropriate with the number of tablets I'm taking daily.


Sun is nice in Canberra, yesterday and today. Can't stay too long because I'd have to slip, slop, slap and yesterday, I didn't even have the motivation to drink water. My body is suffering today but my mind has bounced back a little. It's nice here because I can hear the water running in my hydroponics system, which is a nice babbling brook sound. Unfortunately my lettuce aren't showing any signs of growing.


To segue momentarily, big thanks to my friends Jean, Russel and Steve (who will probably never know I thanked them here) for putting together a working bee to finish construction of my green house around the time of my surgery. Hip hip! Hooray 🥳. So my citrus plants didn't die in the frost. YAY!


So anyway, strawberries, raspberries, (thornless) blackberries, grape vines, olives, apricot root stocks, roses, climbers, tomatoes, carrots, herbs... everything is going off in this beautiful warm sunshine.


So Kate... here is a song for you. I've been listening to the Cure a lot lately. I think it's a chemo thing but at least this isn't very depressing.



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Re: Endometrial cancer

Hi KateKat


I've been waiting for a Wednesday song. Any luck?


I found this one. This guy was the guitarist in the Red Hot Chili Peppers 



As for me. I'm now in hospital. Chemo blues got me. Probably just over night. We shall see.





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Re: Endometrial cancer

oops, sorry Phil! 


Been one of those day's Smiley Very Happy


I loved your choice for yesterday though, one of my absolute favourite songs.


Are you ok Phil? Smiley Sad Sorry to hear you're in hospital. I'm going to send you an email separately. Heart


Here's a Wednesday song!


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Re: Endometrial cancer

Hi Lampwork 


If things are going well for you, you are part way through your 10 hour sleep cycle.



Not me. Back in hospital.



I'm a sad case. Didn't spot the warning signs early enough.



My chemo cycle has been much harder than the first. I thought I was just being soft and I had to just keep on fighting.



No. Not quite the case. I was actually in danger.



I actually should have pulled the pin on Monday, maybe even Sunday, but pushed through Wednesday.



Are you digging my illustrations? Maybe a little immature but it's nearly 3:30 in the morning and I'm BORED!



So lesson learnt. Don't kill yourself fighting chemo. Supposed to fight cancer.



Still here. Crisis averted. Safe and sound in the big house. That is "big house" from a sick person's context, not a convicts.



Settling in for a few days of gourmet food. I can almost taste the sarcasm. 



Want to know the funny bit? I was part way through having dinner, preparing to take my chemo tablets mid meal. My Oncologist arrived and interrupted. He told me this cycle is now being aborted. I was literally about to take the next dose when he arrived. 



Not that funny at all really. I thought it was a matter of treat the symptoms while on chemo. But no. Stop the chemo because it's killing me.



That's my latest and greatest newzzzz . Chemo cycle 2 ended today.



I have 2 weeks until the next cycle starts. That's worth celebrating in my book.



I Hope You slept well.






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Re: Endometrial cancer

Hey Phil,

What went so wrong with your chemo that you ended up in the clink? What should others be looking out for?

Hope you get through it really quickly.

Big hugs to you and G.

Re: Endometrial cancer

Hey Phil,

just saw you’re back to doing H-time! I second Ricks question- what happened?

and how are you doing today? Hope you got a window seat and they’re offering you drinks and tasty morsels 🤢

on a more serious side- can your family bring you something decent to eat?


i really hope you’re feeling a bit better today, and am thinking of you.


heres a  song for you 





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Re: Endometrial cancer

Good morning Rick,


What went wrong? As you know, I'm an IT Guy. It is never a problem with the software. It's the end user. Never too bright. Doesn't pay attention. Thinks he knows what he's doing.


Same story. Instead of software, there is a drug, but in this scenario, I am a user. In a nutshell, I wasn't too bright, I didn't pay attention and I thought I knew what I was doing. 


Pssst ! Rookie!


I got confused with what I was fighting. Chemo is supposed to hurt. Chemo sucks balls. It is certainly not supposed to make me feel like I'm walking on sunshine. By comparison, I expected it would make me feel like I was walking on the sun... or at least Mercury. Probably in reality,  a hot tin roof, but I prepared myself for a walk across the sun.


Yay me. I passed another test demonstrating I can be tough and brave instead of inteligent and strategic. Guess by my tone. Am I a little hard on myself?


The lesson I take away from this is, it is possible to be tough enough and be brave enough to some serious damage, if not kill yourself in the process. 


What else? There is a line in the sand. Crossing it is defeating it's purpose.


What else? When you reach the line in the sand, take the appropriate action.


Too cryptic for readers? I should stop beating around the bush and spit it out. It's probably because I'm a little (with sarcasm) embarrassed that I let this happen. But I shouldn't let it get me down. I'm feeling much better this morning. I've got a lot of positivity. It's a big beautiful blue sky outside my window. Speaking of which, Canberra gets more sunny days per year than the Barossa, attributing to the local fine shiraz. Which, I will add is stunning with cheese.


Mmmmm. Cheese 🧀🧀🧀🧀🧀🍷


Right! Get on with it!


Fight cancer with Chemo. Don't fight chemo. It will make you feel bad, but it can be  worse. It is a toxin for your body. I was trying to ride it out instead of saying too much. That's not the point of chemo. It is kind of a suck it and see approach. If it's not destroying you... fine. If it's destroying you, let's reassess. I didn't understand that.


I think of myself as having an easy cancer. Cut it out and all gone. Then chemo for 3 months as an insurance policy. I feel like am arse talking about it because so many people reading have much longer treatments and greater life impacts than I can expect. So it kind of makes me feel I shouldn't complain and just accept what's coming. Who want's to be marked as the lucky guy who get's off easily and still whines about it. Not me, but that's how I feel. Maybe the mistake is comparing my journey to others' and forgetting that my journey is unique.


Bringing me to the last point. When to say when. A new phil-osophy. Instead of trying to identify if I've reach the line in the sand, ask someone else if they think I have. I wasn't aware I jumped over it and charged ahead. I wasn't experienced enough to know when too much was dangerous. I should have asked the people who deal with it on a daily basis. But..  you know... I didn't want to be a bother.




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Re: Endometrial cancer

I feel like cheese for breakfast.




Great song choice Ginger!


Sand shoe

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Re: Endometrial cancer


Here's my song for your Thursday, everyone loves David Bowie! Smiley Happy

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Re: Endometrial cancer

Hi Kate


Nice work.


I think Lampwork and myself are expecting an Elton song on the weekend. Just sayin'.





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