Endometrial cancer

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Re: Endometrial cancer

@PhilPepper wrote:

Hi Kate


Nice work.


I think Lampwork and myself are expecting an Elton song on the weekend. Just sayin'.





It could possibly be arranged... I've just chosen a selection for next week, you guys are either going to love me or hate me by the end Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Endometrial cancer

Hope you're all doing well, and @PhilPepper, I hope you're home and doing ok today!


Here we go for today, this one was suggested by @Annette_CCNSW Smiley Very Happy



Next week will be fun 🤣

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Re: Endometrial cancer

Hi 🐱


Well done on Friday. One of my favorites.


I think Claire's song choice was good. Although it should be named The lunatics are taking over this thread. It is certainly Hijacked.


I'm going home today. Looking forward to seeing my puppies.IMG_8301.jpg



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Re: Endometrial cancer

Yes, Claire's song was a great choice Smiley LOL


I bet your puppies miss you!


Here's one of our family pets, from the other day:




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Re: Endometrial cancer

Happy Saturday everyone!


I do hope you're all snug and warm at home, it's blowing a gale here in Sydney.


What's everyone doing today? I'm heading out to a community craft morning with both my kids then we're going shopping for a birthday party one of my littles is attending tomorrow.


Here's your Saturday song, as requested by @PhilPepper!


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Re: Endometrial cancer

Hi Kate


Canberra cold snap. I can see snow in the mountains. I ventured out today. Having brunch at Woden.


We've entered our car in the classic cruise to support Camp Quality. The car is getting detailed professionally because I've been too hospitalised to do it myself. Also, chemo makes me cold adverse. It's like sending the car to a spa for the day. I think it deserved the attention.


Thank you for the Elton song. I'll try to get my list out before the maintenance gremlins destroy my post again. I'll see what I can do from memory before I start scrolling through pages.


Saturday night's alright

Candle in the wind


Goodbye yellow brick road

I'm still standing

Elderberry wine

Tiny dancer

Don't go breaking my heart

Nobody wins

I guess that's why they call it the blues

Philadelphia freedom 

Circle of life

Dogs in the kitchen

Blue eyes


Damn. I can only find 14.


I have to look harder. Help me Lampwork! What did I miss?

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Re: Endometrial cancer

Hi guys.


Freezing cold in Melbourne today.  Excellent couch day.  Watching World War Z.  Seems appropriate for the times.  One of my favourite films.  Love the beginning when the news is focusing on someone's socks.  


I've completed 27 of the 30 Radiotherapy treatments.  3 left to go.  Still good  Skin unbroken.  Rough week with taxi drivers.   One guy asked me lots of questions on way home from hospital.  Gave me his card and wanted me to call him if I needed a taxi.  Asked me for my mobile number and I stupidly gave it to him.  He messaged me at 7.00a.m. the next day about my lift back after hospital visit.  For the rest of the day he kept ringing and texting me.  He wanted me to call him about 30 minutes before I was leaving the hospital or wait up to 30 minutes for him.  I coudn't do that because I'm terribly impatient and when I've finished treatment - I need to go home, quickly.  For the next few days I told him my daughter was driving me.  I now go to a different exit and find a taxi there.  Feel sorry about it, but I can't be someone else, as much as I'd like to.


It's really strange when you no longer have taste buds.  I'm sticking to things I know taste good but now I don't have to take much trouble over food as it all tastes the same.  Nothingness.  Very strange how much we take these tiny cells for granted.  I shall be much more grateful and careful of them in the future.   Taking it very easy this weekend as seem a bit more tired than normal.  


3 more treatments and hopefullly, I'm done.  I can't tell you how happy that makes me.  


Phil - I hope your car enjoys her spa day.  Thank you all for the songs.  Always make me smile.  

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Re: Endometrial cancer

Only 3 more 😊😊😊

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Re: Endometrial cancer

Here's one for your Sunday arvo!


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Re: Endometrial cancer

Skittles .jpegSkittles

Hi there,  I hope you are all going well.

I know you are mainly dog lovers, but I must say I prefer cats.  I am lucky enough to have a new addition to our family.  She is the sookiest thing I've ever met, with just one scratch under the chin, she collapses into the softest bundle waiting for a belly rub.

We've just come back from our holiday - not long enough, but it is good to be home.  😊




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