I dont want to be here...

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I dont want to be here...

I'm the typical 54 year old never thought it could happen to me bloke, but here I am newly diagnosed with Prostrate cancer and ready to fight with all I've got and all I can do to keep two feet planted on this crazy world... Had regular PSA blood tests for a few years now and they started rising just in the past year, with a big spike on the last test a biopsy was ordered and I scored myself a 7 on the Gleason scale, do I win a prize for that? So now I've had a bone scan and an abdominal CT scan done and wait patiently to see the specialist at the end of the month. You know I'm just not that particularly worried about me but my main focus is on my family and friends, can't help but worry a little, not sleeping well and trying to appear the ever happy person at work...It's hard ya know?
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Re: I dont want to be here...

Hiya Rbx What you are feeling is quite common for someone diagnosed with cancer. IT can get a little tough as we try and protect those closest to us, so yes it is hard and probably not terribly healthy for us to do it. I hope you can find some comfort on this site or even through the cancer council as they have people who can help. There are many support groups around also which can be helpful as you can share with others who are going through similar. Hope you are travelling ok at the moment. Julie
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