out of control


out of control

so down... lost my whole past self. hair etc why am i a mess?

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Re: out of control

Layla maybe you should ring the cancer council to talk with someone to help you through this. 


Re: out of control

Hello Layla, fellow cancer sufferer here. My name is Colin and I'm 59. Firstly, chemo sucks, I know. But my advice is to listen to your oncologist and focus on curing the cancer, whatever it takes. And on a positive note, there are some good things. In my case, for example, I have lost so much weight that I can now eat whatever I like and not worry about putting on too much weight. Seriously, yesterday I ate an entire half of a big apple crumble pie with cream and cinnamon.

As for hair loss, a friend of mine used to work for a hair replacement salon. Many of her customers were guys simply concerned with their appearance, but many were girls, also, some with alopecia or cancer. The salon provided wigs, basically, and to be absolutely honest, many of them from what I saw looked great. Natural, thick, flowing. I say just go for it. Buy one and wear it. Buy two and switch weekly from being  blonde to a brunette. And trust me, if anyone were to comment negatively (which they won't), simply tell them hat you have cancer. They will immediately feel bad and be apologetic, but again, trust me when I say that no one will say a word. Why would they? People are more focused on themselves than others around them.

Personally I', bald and have been for years since I shaved off what was left of my hair. But now I'm losing my trademark goatee beard through chemo. It's a shame there's not a market for artificial beards!

Don't be a mess, Layla. Be positive and kick this thing's ass. In the meantime, explore wig options. There is more support out there than you can imagine.


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