My partner dumped me

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My partner dumped me

I have been going through cancer treatment since August, diagnosis in July & am 5 days out from my mastectomy surgery and my partner of nine years decided this morning he doesn't want to be with me anymore!!

I've been through so much in the last 6months and for this to happen right now is devistating to say the least, I'm heartbroken & shattered & have no idea what to do as he has told me he is keeping the house (we only rent) so now I also have to find somewhere to live for myself and kids!!

I can't forgive him for this and yes it's raw but tell me what does my immediate future look like after surgery? Then Radiation...I'm scared I won't be able to look after myself properly, my health and my kids! 

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Re: My partner dumped me

Morning @BJ1,


So very sorry to hear that you're going through this so close to your surgery, it must be tough for you.


Have you got friends or family that can help you out? I hope you are all safe and OK for now 😘


You might also like to give 13 11 20 a call, and see if there's a community organisation or service locally or through Cancer Council to assist in some way. One that comes to mind, is perhaps ourLegal referral service or otherPro Bono Program services. But have a chat with our Information and Support consultants, they are best placed to talk through things with you and make recommendations.


Sending hugs!


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Re: My partner dumped me

I am so sorry to hear that. If you have any family close, they might be able to help.

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Re: My partner dumped me

Yes for the short term but what am I supposed to to long term? How do I cope feeling like I want to die now after fighting so hard to live. 


Re: My partner dumped me

I am so sorry to hear what you are going through.  Have you thought about talking to social worker - they can be great to t all to and may be able to do referrals to different businesses for you.  


Main important thing is you and your kids being with your family for help and support.  Once your health improves you could start to concentrate on new home for you and your kids.


thinking of you and sending my love. ❤️

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