Breast cancer treatment


Breast cancer treatment



Ive been diagnosed with breast cancer. Its in early stages, so i don't want to rush anything and i really dont want chemo. Chemo will be my last resort. Are there any alternatives? Ive been searching the internet for alternatives and i found this -

Any thoughts from the experts? I would appreciate anything.


Thank you  

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Re: Breast cancer treatment

Hi @asligonis,


Thank you for your post.


I want to caution readers of this post that while there has been research indicating efficacy of arsenic trioxide in some blood and bone marrow cancers, there appears to be less evidence available for a role in breast cancer treatment. From a review of major cancer information sources, there also appears to be little evidence at present to support the role of dichloroacetate (DCA) in breast cancer treatment.


Cancer Council supports evidence based treatment for cancers.  We strongly encourage anyone with a cancer diagnosis to discuss treatment options with their medical team, including the possibility of participating in a clinical trial of emerging treatments.


Please also keep in mind that you can call the Cancer Council information and support line on 131120 Monday to Friday 9am-5pm to speak with a health professional.


Kind regards,


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Re: Breast cancer treatment

Hi @asligonis

David here, i tend to agree with Margaret, after having checked with latest info online it doesn't seem to be a very wise choice for possible treatments. When researching online one has to be very careful of exagerated claims by certain companies, web sites and blogs. Also anyone who uses the word miracle or 'cure' needs to be looked at very cautiously. I have personally seen people 'lead down the garden path' by spurious claims of cures etc by some alternative practitioners only to get much sicker and wasting time after trying an inafective treatment. 

    I do however sympathise with your predicament and understand your resistance to chemo , however i have seen many women saved by it and leading healthy happy lives after chemo. My own experience with conventional treatment has been a good one.  Good luck .......david  (ps i have non Hodgkins Lymphoma )

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Re: Breast cancer treatment


There are different kinds of cancer that need different treatments.  Chemo and radiation treat some kinds of treatment.  They are not the treatments of choice for the kind of cancer I have, which is estrogen-hungry, and requires a hormone-based treatment, especially in early stages, like mine.  No chemo or radiation treatment in my case. 


Wait until your cancer has been properly diagnosed, then find out what is the best treatment for that particular cancer.


I know it is scary when you are firsty told you have cancer.  I has surgery less than 2 weeks after diagnosis.  I didn't mess around, hunting for cures.  I searched for the best cancer hospitals and read the information they provided.  I would not choose something as serious as cancer treatment that received no support from people in the medical profession. 


Prostate cancers have been succesfully treated for decades.  THere is good information about safe treatments.  Pick good people - doctors, hospitals, and get your cancer treated quickly.


Go well, David



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Re: Breast cancer treatment

Hello asligonis.


I'm not an expert, just someone with cancer too. I had/have ovarian cancer stage 2b (which is considered an early stage) A successful surgery and am now on adjunctive chemo. Could I ask why you don't want to go on chemo? If you can be operated on and have a successful surgery you might not need to go on treatment chemo - especially since you said it's in its early stages. But again I'm no expert on your type of cancer, I'm only saying this because I had a family friend who also had ovarian cancer caught so early, the surgery was so successful they did not put her on chemo (she was also considered low risk) .


I was personally eager to start chemo after my surgery because I kept thinking about microscopic cancer cells that I have (I'm considered high risk and was recommended for genetic testing)and knew chemo was my best chance to eliminate them. 


Have a look at clinical trials into immunotherapy too (not a cure but certainly an exciting and well documented with experts and scientists) and talk to your onc.


GOod luck! I'm happy for you that you caught it in early stages that's a great positive. 

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