Most devastating for me is my best friend of 40 years has chosen not to be my best friend anymore. The relationship will never be restored to what it was before the big c. It's all about loss. Loss of health, job,financial losses, body parts lost to be replaced with neuropathy, fatigue,brain fog etc... I've filled at least eight journals. Not one single friend has stuck with me. Enlightenment in the discovery of the majority humans incapable of unconditional love absent of judgement. A lesson to me about the "friends" I had chosen truly of such low caliber and quality. True best friend? 13 year old yellow lab and my 14mo old red border collie. My used to be best friend most concerned about my trust/will and her place in it since I'm a single mom of two, and my house. It seems to be human nature to turn one's back on a friend who becomes "needy" requiring more than a quick chat on the phone & a lunch date once a month.
im so very sorry to read this, but its not uncommon which is a sad thing.. i have seen so many friends of mine disappear.. using shitty excuses to not call, to blame me for 'not wanting to go out'.. my partner has terminal cancer and its such a nightmare.. i am lucky however to have one best friend, who has stuck by me, and she is helpful to and understanding as she is a nurse, which helps... i have given up on those people who obviously don't get it, and i try and think that at least one day they'll need me for advice.. almost everyone is affected somehow by cancer, you'd have to be naive not to think you will be... come on here as often as you like, as i find talking to strangers helps sometimes more than talking to 'friends' that don't have a clue!! i hope you feel better soon take care xoxo
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Hi dumperdrose Unfortunately this has been an ongoing issue for many many people on this site. the loss of friends. There is a long thread of comment here on the site, not sure how to search for it, that discusses this issue. Take care Sailor
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I feel for you terribly I to have lost my best friend/ husband. I know it does not help in many way to think that it is there loss but through this site you will make many friends I hope I am new to the site and I am hoping to find people I can talk to for my best friend pass away recently to the big C. You are in my prays and thoughts now. Chin Up thinking of you sending you some comforting hugs ((((-)))).
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Real friends are there through the good AND the bad. I hope your ex friend of 40 years doesnt go through something like you and "needs"a good fiend to talk to.
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