I saw my Oncologist yesterday. Well I thought I would get good news, but he took the wind out of my sails I'm afraid. My liver is in decline. there are new lesions and some of the others have grown abit. Looking at options for 2nd round of treatment now. will see Dr. in two weeks time for these options. Hubby and I have decided to take off for a few days to a week, just get in the car and go somewhere, wherever the wind takes us so to speak. no plans just cruise and enjoy the journey while its there. A day at a time. What else can we do. I also went shopping today. A little retail therapy is always good for the soul. I have been looking at getting a new camera for a while and the one I was looking at was on a major special at the local camera store. It is a Canon 1000D slr. Twin lens kit. Only an amateur hobby photographer here. Will learn how to use it as I go.. LOL. Dont know if anyone out there is familiar with this camera, I think I got a good one. Vicki
im so sorry to hear about that! 😞 what kind of cancer do u have? can they operate? have you been having chemo/radiotherapy? one day at a time is the best thing you can do.. focus on everything that makes you happy and cut out the rest.. if lance armstrong can overcome cancer in brains and bones, i believe its possible for anyone to.. "give up or fight like hell" :) i dont knw much about cameras but yours sounds really good! i know cannons are supposed to be good.. take lots of photos and enjoy your little break... treat yourself and take a breath of fresh hair.. light a few candles and really take the time to heal best of luck maddie xo
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sorry to hear about your latest news Vicki. Its always a bummer when we dont get the news we want. I think its great that you and hubby are just getting in the car and taking off. Enjoy your trip, take lots of photos and have a great time!
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VickiAnne I'm sorry to hear that news. i'm very pleased that you are taking a break. Jumping in the car and just going sounds ideal. Take care, Samex
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Hey Vicki Anne I am also sorry to hear of this news re your liver. I hope you have a wonderful time with your husband and you get some great shots with that new camera! Julie
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Thanks everyone, sunny day here at the moment in rural Vic, so washing and organising day and off in car tomorrow. @maddie I have oesophageal cancer with mets to liver. main one in oesophagus has shrunk and is holding still at the moment. the liver is the problem with multiple lesions. Did radiation at Peter Mac in Melb for 3 weeks in July and just finished 5 months of chemo in my local hospital. And dont worry I intend to fight like hell to stay as long as I can. At the moment I am, figuretively speaking, picking myself up and shaking head to clear and get on with the next stage. I thought I would have a lovely time playing with camera last night. Ha, guess what, forgot to get memory card.. The sales lady is a bit slack not selling me one. LOL. Will have to talk hubby in doing another trip into town today.. hehehehe. take care all Vicki The only thing you have total control over is your ATTITUDE
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A camera makes you more observant of life. A new camera is a lot of fun. Get out there and "make some memories" Vicki. Get totally distracted. Don
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hi vicki, So sorry to hear about your results,i guess all you can do is take it in your stride and move on with all guns ablazin,Oh and peaceful road trips are good too.....specially with a new slr camera!:)I am sure whatever option you take with your treatment will be the right one and there will be many more road trips and the photos to go with it. dantheman
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Hi Vicki, I have been slack in coming to the page, so I have only just caught up with your news and my response is a little belated. I am really sorry about your news. My oncologists are always trying to keep me balanced - be hopeful, but know the bad news can come at any time, but in the meantime, get as much as possible out of the day. I have a good camera, but have tended to put it away since I became sick (pictures of the grandchildren excepted). I really like your idea of the 365 day project. Can you tell me a little more about it? All the best Doug
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