Hello , everyone. I apologise for not posting for some time but I have been consciously trying to avoid the C word. I was diagnosed all clear and put on a graduated return to work. I have " come down " off all medication. I was in the shower one morning and looked down ( men I realised rarely look at themselves naked ) and saw an emaciated figure which was a bit of a shock. Like something out of POW camp. I was concerned when returning to work as my clothes no longer really fitted. I also initially had difficulty eating in public as eating caused me to shake. I just stopped using the PEG one day and started eating. I think I have now recovered maybe 80% of taste and saliva. I passed my first six month review although the oncologist said the area had still not recovered so she couldn't really see much. Next six month appointment is in August. The only comparison I can think of is maybe this is like being shot.
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Hi Paul, I'm glad you're still here! There is always a period of adjustment after cancer treatment- the phrase 'the new normal' is really accurate. Sometimes the new normal sucks, and sometimes it's really quite good- I hope you have more good than sucky. Sending encouraging hugs, Emily
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Hey Paul It took me a while to get back to normal. Just be kind to yourself and although we do need to take steps to strengthen ourselves it can be a slow process - don't be hard on yourself if it takes a bit of time. Julie
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