Unsure how it works

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Unsure how it works

Recently my mother had seen an OBGYN for a few spots that were concerning. He did a biopsy near the few spots, not directly from them. He only took a few from 2 or 3 of the spots, but not all of them. I might be mistaken but thought they take them directly from the area in question. He got a false negative back because the spots he did take were another issue and the other ones he didn't test are most likely cancer. With her age, medical history, cirvical cancer line up with what the doctor told her. They ruled out infections and other things that could cause the spots or mimic vulvur cancer. He wants to remove the one spot entirely which she's ok with still have questions. We live in a smaller area and not many specialists or people how know how somthing like this should be handled. My question is when should an oncologist get involved? He's mostly sure it's cancer but can't say 100% should he be doing the surgery? We just want her to get the right help and figired out without a doubt if this is or isn't cancer.  Should she find an oncologists to continue? I appreciate you taking the time to read this and anyone with experience or know how this should typically go let me know if this is normal. Thank you

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Re: Unsure how it works

Hi Travis,

I'm sorry to hear what you and your mother are going through.

I don't think that an oncologist would be involved unless it has been confirmed as cancer (but I have no expert knowledge here).

If you're not satisfied so far, I think you probably have two options.

1. Sit down with the doctor and discuss a plan moving forward.

2. Seek a second opinion from another medical professional.



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Re: Unsure how it works

Hi TravisD1992


I would have thought the biopsy would come from the direct site, not next to it, but I'm no doctor.  As sch said the oncologist won't get involved until there's a confirmed diagnosis, so keep testing until there's  a definite answer.  You may need to get a second opinion if the current GP is unwilling to keep going.


I wish your mother all the best.



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Re: Unsure how it works

Hi Travis, 

I’m so sorry that you are going thru this.  But don’t take no for an answer.  Yes I would of thought they would biopsy the areas in question.  I would absolutely push forward bc the sooner you know the faster you can address the issues at hand.  I’m praying for you and your mom.  But remember don’t take no for an answer keep pushing and advocate for your mom.  Nothing should wait, I would also go for a second opinion.  If you feel like your not getting answers with this dr.  He might not be the right dr for your mom.  Keep pushing forward and stay strong.  Praying for you both and your family.  Please keep us posted.

🙏🏻 Traci Mahar

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