Grief stricken


Grief stricken

3 months tonight at 2358 that my beloved partner died.

Missing him everyday. My grief seems to be getting worse ........

Love you always Goran xxx

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Re: Grief stricken

Hi Goran,

Have you had any counselling? If not, it might be worth your while to find someone to talk things thru with. Of course, it doesn't help being Christmas time when you see & hear everything to do with "things for your loved ones" around everywhere you look.
I hope you can find some peace.

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Re: Grief stricken

It is very difficult to cope with loss. I think it did get worse for me before it got better, Three month mark? I'm not sure but everyone's experience is different. Counselling is really important and useful. I found it so in any case. I doubt I would have made it through without professional and family support. it is all important. Most importantly, take care.


Re: Grief stricken

Thanks for your positive message.

I am seeing a counsellor now and am finding it helpful.

Just have to focus on our good memories.

Im finding this forum to be good also. People who havent had to deal with losing someone to cancer cant understand.

I had someone text me....chin up yesterday...really??

Thanks for your kind words

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Re: Grief stricken

it was month 1 for me yesterday. I suffer severe depression and bi polar. Besides dealing with my handsome man checking out, I have to try and stay focast and keep that in check as 3 years ago mum passed cancer also.My BP took over, got a 10 thousand dollar credit handsome man was not very happy. I have good support from a councillor and my g.p. My children.  They say it takes time for what,  I have a photo on the wall I talk to of my husband it helps but I get were your saying you miss your partner it’s the habits that annoyed you, the more inter-mite stuff. I made a garden out back for mum and now hubby,. It’s good therapy and I must admit it is a feeling of having him close. Maybe think of something that you could Nurture in your partners memory. Good luck stay positive.😘

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