Losing my dad

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Losing my dad

My dad passed away on the 26 May 2018. He had brain tumours. He battled this for over two years, he was in so much pain. I am 42 years old. I miss him terribly. I have lost faith in everything. When he was dying I thought that there would be signs he was around when he passed. I thought I would feel he was around. I don’t. I feel annoyed at pretty much everything. I don’t like the person I am now. 

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Re: Losing my dad

So sorry for your loss. It is just so hard to see someone you love sooo much like your Dad, suffer and be in the pain he was in and all you wanted to do was take his pain away but you couldn’t
May 2018 feels like yesterday with the pain in your heart still fresh and raw.
Your love did not die
What to say the pain of the loss never goes away you just seem to learn to leave with it.
Be kind to yourself. Your Dad will always be in your heart.
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Re: Losing my dad

Hi Tam, I hear you. I lost my partner on the 16th May 2018 after a 2 year battle with Colorectal Cancer. I too am 42 years old and feel like my world has come to an end. I have no family support and live very remote. Every day is a struggle an on going battle. I am angry, resentful, sad and full of rage all the time and hate the person I've become. I wish I had answers for us both, I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone, I promise to keep slogging through every day if you can too. Much love and warm thoughts to you xxx

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