widowed i dont like that

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Re: widowed i dont like that

Thank you i wish we could exchange numbers because i do have a understanding what you are also going through, I hope all is as well as it can be.
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Re: widowed i dont like that

LEEki1,  my Christmas was very different.  most Christmas Days since I met my husband were spent with my father-in-law at the home of my husband's sister.  This year I got to spend some time with some relatives, cousins on my maternal side, for few hours in the evening.  I have no idea the actual reason why but my husbands eldest son who I became quite close to no longer has anything to do with me..... whether he is not copying with his dad's death or whether it is something else I don't know.  

I do agree with you with having furry family around following the death of a loved one.  my profile photo is my 2 - they are siblings and were 9mths old recently.  Sunny is white with ginger patches whilst his sister Luna is black and white tortie.  He is very affectionate and smoochy plus loves to talk whereas she talks in a little chirpy voice and has a very lour purr.  they both love curling up near my knees when I have my feet on the ottoman.  

Some days I feel fine and actually feel happy within myself whereas other days things get too much and I emotionally crumple.  I planning on putting together a photo album with various photos of my husband, his sons from his first marriage and his grandchildren.  I am hoping to have a symbol from one of his rings made into a charm that I can wear on a necklace.

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Re: widowed i dont like that

Cancer is evil because it does not let us recognize by the signs so that it can be treated in time. Condolences when reading the story of you and your husband, always remember that he always wants you to live well and soon forget the suffering.



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Re: widowed i dont like that

Hi KEE1k1
Your post resonated many mixed feelings in me as I am looking at my / our journey from the other side as I plan with my family for a living funeral in the near future.
The significant importance of you not being there at your husbands passing happened to a friend recently and I’m sure he new his time had come and his adoring wife also missed the opportunity to be with him at the last moment.
She felt as though she had been cheated of that special last moment together it can’t be changed now but I feel her loss for sure.
I wish you peace and my thoughts and best wishes go out to you and you family
at this time. xoxo 🌺🌺🌺xoxo
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