Just Diagnosed Again

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Just Diagnosed Again

Hi just joined this group from WA

I had no Intention or desire to put a lable on “It” then it now but was  diagnosed with esophagael cancer Jan 2012 had radiation and chemo therapy then big op in April 2012 with pull through surgery to cover stomach to upper portion of esophageus. 

I went from 117ks down to 77kgs

Recently diagnosed wth metastatic esophagael andenocarcinoma, on steriods for the pain + +

I’m told as the cancer has spread to my shoulder it’s metastatic stage 4. 

Looking at chemo this next week and meeting with radiologist  for consultation. 

Remaining positive, strong and determined however  the treatment is described as palliative is not that encouraging to me, but he’ll im a fighter.

If my  experiences, thoughts, fears and my emotions of my journey  in 2012 since my op can be of help or support to any one  I’m here in any way. As I am a firm believer that giving back is better.


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Re: Just Diagnosed Again

Hi Peter,

Welcome! I too am a firm believer in choosing the right attitude and paying it forward.

Continue to choose to be positive, strong and determined. And any insights you can give from your journey will always be welcomed. Just troll around this site looking for posts that you think you can help out with.

Best wishes and a big hug to you,
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Re: Just Diagnosed Again

Hi Rick
“Many Thanks” strange my wife’s name is Ricki !! Yes always positive & determined and my star sign is the Bull, bring it on and all the very best for the future 🆗
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Re: Just Diagnosed Again

Hi PeterK,

Just to add to what Rick has already said, there is a getting started guide on helping otheres over here;



Many off us here having lived through it, want to share our experiences with others with a view of "if what we share or advice we can give, in any way, makes a difference to some body else no matter how small, then that can only be a good thing".



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Re: Just Diagnosed Again

Hi Sch
Tvm for the heads up always useful just fine some web group pages easier to follow than others
All The very best in you travels
Kind Regards Peter
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Re: Just Diagnosed Again

Hi Peter


Funny, Peter is my son's and my father's name 😉


I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I'm nearly 8 weeks post surgery and into my chemo treatment. Looking forward to a fresh start and clean bill of health for 2020. 


Your story is a reminder though, once a cancer patient, always a cancer patient. I'll be having annual colonoscopies (yes I meant to say annual) to keep an eye on things. Surgery took away my cancer but my DNA is still prone to bowel cancer. And the chemo I'm going through now is not a guaranteed solution. It may still spread.


I've just posted a very long post on another thread (not sleeping well), pointing out things I've learnt on my journey. One point being that cancer may still get me in the end, but in my mind I've already beaten cancer. It's changed my perspective on life for the better and it can never take that away from me now.


Stay positive. I probably don't have to tell you, but chemo sucks balls. So does surgery. I can't comment on radiation, but I've heard nasty stories. Stay strong and don't let it beat you.






Re: Just Diagnosed Again

Hi Peter.


Not much I can say but that I'm sorry this has happened to you.  I'm glad you're a hell of a fighter because this is going to be a big battle for you.   I saw an inspiring documentary called the C word which I'd recommend.  You need things to give you hope and help right now.  Can't remember the name of the documentary on cannabis but it was very interesting and I knew it's a path I would look into more down the line if necessary.  At the moment am getting through Radiotherapy - 8 treatments left out of 30.  So far so good.  


I wish you well on your journey and always happy to discuss anything you want to.  I guess we all are here for that purpose.  

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Re: Just Diagnosed Again

Have a strong outlook on this and try to keep positive. I have a great team in the cancer clinic here in Saskatoon Canada and a fantastic family that all support me. I also have esophageal cancer that was diagnosed on my birthday this year and it is a stage 4. Fight buddy

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