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...nice broad stroke there about the connection to Indigenous Life Expectancy and bush medicines. 

For your info, these treatments arent "secret berries" nor are they the answer to longevity...

Have a think about why the life expectancy is so low in Indigenous communities (heres a hint, its not because of "secret berries") before you comment on something you dont know about. 

While youre at it, how about some words of encouragement and hope to people who are seeking that rather than a fast track  reference to painful conventional treatments that companies profit and prosper over. 

Let me know if you want to know more about bush medicines and the benefits they provide to Indigenous Australians. 

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I didn't directly connect bush medicine and indigenous life expectancy, as any idiot could plainly see.


There's a tapestry of issues impacting the statistic, and it's a SHAMEFUL statistic, for the traditional landowners and for the societies that formed later.  It shows a disconnect between access, education & use of services that promote health & wellbeing.  It's something that all humans should feel compelled to try and remedy, not bicker about like halfwits.


The thrust of my remark is simple: I strongly suggest making careful, data rational decisions about your care.  There's a gamut of quack remedies out there for cancer, and they are marketed by grubby people to desperate people.


Cancer.  Diabetes.  Syphillis.  Hepatitis.  You want to find a cure ?  Sure, look anywhere you like, try anything you like.  


But, in my opinion, if you choose to forego evidence based treatment with a chance at real, measurable health outcomes - you might as well be standing staring up at a medicine wagon with a vapid, drooling stare, and the person giving you the advice should be singing a song and have a dancing girl or two while they huckster you.


If you think you have an "alternative" to evidence based treatment, you're rolling the dice with your life.  Think twice, thrice, and take every advice.  Concurrent to the "horrible, destructive" conventional treatments ?  Do what you want.  In substitution to ?  You're making a terrible mistake. 

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