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I didn't directly connect bush medicine and indigenous life expectancy, as any idiot could plainly see.


There's a tapestry of issues impacting the statistic, and it's a SHAMEFUL statistic, for the traditional landowners and for the societies that formed later.  It shows a disconnect between access, education & use of services that promote health & wellbeing.  It's something that all humans should feel compelled to try and remedy, not bicker about like halfwits.


The thrust of my remark is simple: I strongly suggest making careful, data rational decisions about your care.  There's a gamut of quack remedies out there for cancer, and they are marketed by grubby people to desperate people.


Cancer.  Diabetes.  Syphillis.  Hepatitis.  You want to find a cure ?  Sure, look anywhere you like, try anything you like.  


But, in my opinion, if you choose to forego evidence based treatment with a chance at real, measurable health outcomes - you might as well be standing staring up at a medicine wagon with a vapid, drooling stare, and the person giving you the advice should be singing a song and have a dancing girl or two while they huckster you.


If you think you have an "alternative" to evidence based treatment, you're rolling the dice with your life.  Think twice, thrice, and take every advice.  Concurrent to the "horrible, destructive" conventional treatments ?  Do what you want.  In substitution to ?  You're making a terrible mistake. 

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... doesn’t  really matter anymore.

My mother  died on the  9th of Feb this year.



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Re: Gumbi Gumbi

Sorry for your loss royfaz
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As far as gumbi gumbi goes it is one of those amazing plants that have many health benefits to us, and there are quite a few other plants that can, have and do benefit in the treatment of cancers.

Because these herbal treatments are not used by pharmacutical companies nor approved by FDA & TGA doesn't mean they don't work. Because of the years gone by that these herbals have been used for there are  thousands of testimonials where people have removed their cancers with them.

You only have to join the many facebook discussion groups on cancers and the relevent ones to those herbs used to treat them to see the large following and testimonials as people use them solely or in conjunction with modern treatments.

Some of these herbs are cannabis, it has proven time and time again as a treatment for cancer and many other conditions but what politician wants to walk into the nightmare of legalising it for medicinal treatment here in Australia.

Another is Bloodroot powder taken in capsules mixed with other know cancer fighting herbs like Graviola and Cat's Claw. Testimonials for Bloodroot seem to cover many types of cancer.

Another is Essiac Tea, you can't deny the history of this american indian herb mix used by nurse Rene Caisse to cure many of her palitive care cancer patients in the early 1900s. The secret of the herb mix is it has to contain sheep sorrell 'roots', not just the aerial parts of the plant.

Then there is our Gumbi Gumbi only found in Australia, it has thousands of years of history to be the number 1 medicine tree of the aboriginals. It is being studied by universities around the world to discover it's secrets scentifically, the University of Greifswald Research Centre in Berlin found that treating rats with Gumbi Gumbi leaf tea stimulated tumor necrosis factor production… thus killing cancer cells.

It has many other uses one of which is boosting immune system, even if you elect chemo treatment Gumbi Gumbi can be beneficial in trying to repair the immune system that the chemo is going to kill.

There is nothing wrong with including a herbal treatment with modern treatments, and those that refuse the modern treatment or have no further modern treatment available still have something to fight with in these natural herbal treatments.


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Hello I am new to this forum,but am interested in the gumbi gumbi products for my husband when nothing else seems to be working, can the capsules be taken while he is on chemo? thanks lyn

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The gumbi gumbi is not known to effect any medications so can’t see any reason not to take them while doing chemo.

There is info on them at this site

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Thankyou for your reply will be talking to them on monday for a bit more info got to try something it is not looking good at the moment. lyn

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Hi all,


Thanks for your posts. This may be helpful information about Gumbi Gumbi, provided by Cancer Council Australia. I posted this last year on this thread, but wanted to offer the comments and resources again.


Cancer Council Australia has a website which looks at claims related to cancer treatment and assesses them scientifically. This is the page on Gumbi Gumbi which looks at what it is and whether it works to treat cancer:  Gumbi Gumbi.


In summary, there is no credible independent scientific evidence that gumbi gumbi extract has any effect on cancer.


This is another great resource from the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in the US:


We always recommend that if anyone is looking at alternative treatments for cancer either in addition to or in place of evidence-based medical treatment, please discuss these with your medical treating team.


Kind regards,


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Are you speaking of Denise Ford?.


After losing my wife to Ovarian cancer I have some idea of what Denise went through. I take my hat off to Denise for her going through her 6 year battle. I
 hope she had some quality of life and deepened her family relationships during this time. My wife passed after just 8 months from diagnosis  of stage 3 Ovarian. She had gone to the doctor over just a mild discomfort in the abdomen that she thought it wise to have checked out. Her next 8 months was mostly a hellish time for her as she battled to overcome, first the after- effects of debulking surgery and  the agonies of a bowel that all but closed up on her.


My dear wife wanted to use alternative treatments, but unfortunately she just didn't have the capacity for taking the very solid regime her naturopaths put her on. And the OC didn't give her the time for them to work. She had been referred to a specialist but by the time he came back from leave and "cleared his desk"  and delivered the diagnosis, the cancer had exploded in her abdomen to the point where she could only swallow a fraction of the tiniest meal.


She went for a 3 week cleanse at Living Valley Springs, where she learned the cause of her cancer: After cleansing a couple of weeks she was exuding creosote, which she had derived from breathing the wood smoke from two very inefficient wood burners over 3 decades.  She had had a 12 year menopause, but had never before got to the bottom of her hormonal imbalance. Cresote comprises a multitude of chemicals that disrupt the hormonal balance.


It seems that regular medicine is uninterested in finding the cause of a person's cancer. It is interested only in making money from the thousands of dollars raked in on chemo. But just how much does chemo help?  I discovered a study entitled "The contribution of cytotoxic chemotherapy to 5-year survival in adult malignancies". Anyone suffering cancer of any sort should look this up. Its all over then 'net. Performed by conventional medicine, it concluded the answer is 2.3% in Australia and 2.1% in the USA.  Not only that, but it is rarely used to extend life, but just to make the death process more comfortable!


The treating oncologist was very surprised - and indeed emotional - when his chemo failed to touch the cancer!


Gumbi Gumbi, and for that matter any other successful natural treatment will never see the light of day until Big Pharma finds they can extract, modify and patent the active ingredient. Until then it will remain very deliberately buried in a sea of negative reports and warnings while people continue to have their immune systems wrecked, being poisoned by chemo and in many places like New Zealand being bankrupted by it as well.







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"In summary, there is no credible independent scientific evidence that gumbi gumbi extract has any effect on cancer."

Of course there isn't Margaret! Do you really imagine ANY pharmaceutical company would allow such "scientific" information decimate the huge income they make from chemo?

Why on Earth do you suppose they keep conventional medicine oriented around easily manipulated statistics rather than listening bto real life testimonies of hundreds of thousands of people cured - yes cured - for a few cents?
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