Lanreotide Injections

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Lanreotide Injections

Hi. I am wondering what kind of experiences anyone with pancreatic neuroendocrine tumour has had while taking Lanreotide.

I had bad experiences trying it and had to stop the treatment.

Hope some people are able to comment.


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Re: Lanreotide Injections

Hi @David50, how are you doing today?


There would almost certainly be others here that have had the same or similar treatment as yourself. Can anyone help David out?


You may also be interested in our telephone support groups, we have one for people with advanced cancers (there are a few with NETS cancers in the groups) and another for those with pancreatic cancer. These run nationally out of the Cancer Council office here in Woolloomooloo. They are great for another opportunity for seeking support and sharing experiences.


Each group has 3-8 members and two qualified facilitators, groups get together over the phone twice a month – each session lasts an hour. Participation is flexible – it’s okay to skip sessions when you need to – and even better, it’s free and confidential. You can call the team directly on 1300 755 632  to find out more 🙂



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