I have 2 weeks to go with chemo. yahoooooooooooo...... I finish on 30th December. Not quite in time for Christmas but certainly in time for New Year. PICC line comes out and I will be free to a certain point for new year. The tumours have not gone away completely and probably never will, but they are shrinking. So it should be contained for a while. I think they were a little surprised at how well I am going at this stage. Fingers crossed it will go even better in the January scans. I have another scan on 6th January and see the oncologist again on 13th January. After this they will scan me every 2 months and monitor it. Hopefully I get alot of time off chemo so I can get some energy back. Has anyone else finished a session of chemo knowing the cancer is still there. and then just be monitored. It feels a little strange, the idea that I still have cancer in me but no more treatment, just monitoring. They have not given up on me, just have to give the body a break from the chemo. I have been doing this 5 months already. Seems like a lifetime ago this all started. Radiation in Melbourne, then a week off and then chemo in local hospital full on for 24/7 for 5 months. I am wondering if this last 2 weeks will drag or not. Have a fair bit on in the next 2 weeks. So hopefully not. Cheers Vicki
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That's great VickiAnne. You may continue to feel tired for a while so don't bust yourself at this time of year. The energy will come back slowly and each day you will feel stronger. Just be conscious that there may be times that may present obstacles in adjusting to the "new normal". I had problems down the line with this sdjustment but I know that others just zoom back into life. It is great to hear you so optimistic! Well done! Samex
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Hey Vicki Anne Congrats and roll on the end of chemo for you! I am sure it is a weird feeling but be assured that chemo does not stop working the moment it is stopped. It has taken a whole year for me to feel nearly normal after chemo. Only saying that to outline that it does stay in our system and I have felt "ok" just energy levels lacking. Hopefully you will continue to get good scans and have a really good break from chemo. Julie
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