This morning as I woke up I realised how many pills I am currently taking and wonder the long term affects of these on my liver, kidneys, heart and my mental health. - Panadol (to keep temp down) - Omeprazole (reflux) - Oxycontin (pain management after surgery) - Multivitamin - Pramin (nausea) - Antibiotic (to stop chance of infection). What makes me laugh is these pill should make you feel better but are plagued with heaps of side effects that u must grin and bear - dizziness, diarrhoea, headaches, nausea, muscle aches and pains. So the DR's and specialist say "here take this to get better". But I say "Take a pill to help and then take this pill to help with the side effects". Don't get me wrong - I am grateful that these medications do help and I am aware they are necessary. But nobody asks or explains the side effects of the medications that are prescribed; if you want to know you must research it yourself. And my GP thinks I should start an antidepressant because I seem sad with my diagnosis of cancer. Of course I am sad - I am young, have had a major life change, have ceased working, am broke, struggle to make it fortnight to fortnight, see the strain this diagnosis has put on those I love, I was once very independent but am dependent on others. So yeah I might be a bit depressed but it is in context - so I just want to let my emotions be as they are without another medication to take everyday.
Yes, I remember the meds very well. In fact I still have quite few left over from when my wife had colorectal cancer, and they do all the things you mentioned and more. The meds, plus the mind games that cancer plays with us, changes us and our lives forever. It is sad that you are young and have to suffer this insidious disease. Sadly it does not discriminate. We, that is the sufferers and the carers go from being, can - do people where nothing is too much trouble or beyond us, where everything is a challenge to look forward too, life is to be enjoyed and experienced, to then becoming people that rely on meds to keep us going. I would say everybody on this site fully understands what you are saying, and going through, and if they had the " magic wand " they would wave it and change things for you and everyone here. Try to be strong, and look forward to the day when you will be well, and be able to throw the leftover meds in the bin. Wombat4
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Hi Rubes, As both a student of psychology and a person with many mental health problems, I really don't agree with antidepressants. I would strongly recommend seeing a psychologist first, and only consider antidepressants AS A LAST RESORT- i.e. if you are seriously contemplating suicide and nothing else is helping. But that doesnt really seem to be the case...I don't really know you, but from what you've written here, you seem to be handling this situation how any 'normal', psychologically healthy person would. We must remember that there is a BIG different between being depressed and being sad, and that being sad is ok! I think that there would be more reason to worry if you WEREN'T sad about having cancer! Its it not ok to feel sad? sad it not an illness...its a gift! its normal! its part of being human! Since being off my antidepressants, I appreciate even the negative emotions... it is bittersweet, while they may feel horrible there is also a hidden joy beneath them...because they make me feel alive.
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Firstly ,Panadol and multivitamins shouldn't hurt. Hopefully the antibiotic will be temporary and if so ,shouldn't hurt.I gather you researched the rest and I can't comment on those but it all seems complicated . I agree with the previous comment about antidepressants. Try counselling . It helped me when I really thought I'd never feel better. Try the Cancer Council first . The sessions are free and you can also get Medicare rebatable sessions which are free if you can find someone who bulk bills. Sadness is sadly a part of having cancer .I think it's good that your gp is acknowleging this as most surgeons and oncologists don't have the time to address this side of it all.I find it easier to talk with my gps. I am keeping you in my thoughts .
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Thanks everyone who replied - I appreciate ur input. I really like blogging and expressing myself using this site. I actually blog to let the thoughts out of my head which I feel is healthy. I do agree with all of ur comments and am going to organise some counsellling with the cancer council. I am not convinced it will make it ll better and I actually am a Medicare approved SW who was providing psychological Medicare services prior to becoming unwell. I do know the great benefit of psychological assistance so will definitely give it a go. I do feel once I get more information from my treating team I will be more psychologically able to cope. I need some answers, an official staging and further treatment options. Tomorrow I'm going to call them as its been 3wks since my surgery and my results should be in. Maybe then I can refocus and return to a more positive outlook 🙂
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