It's been a tough 2 weeks since we found that my wifes cancer had returned and spread. We have been told that they can't cure it but can only try to manage her pain with medication and some radiotherapy.The cancer has appeared in her lung,skull,neck,lower spine,ribs and leg. My wife asked if they could put a time frame on her life expectancy, they told her no but they also told her to enjoy family time and make as many happy times as possible and take heaps of videos.Palliative care have been great with organising her medication and they are organising support for our 3 young kids.The team we have working for us at the hospital have been fantastic with all the wifes treatment and the support we are getting. I'm really scared of losing my wife and having to raise our 3 kids without her.
My heart grieves for you. In our lives not one of us thought we would ever loose a dear loved one before time. It is the worst nightmare of a journey. Its like living in a parallel world to the one we used to know, one where we would give everything to be able to find our way back to. Love your dear wife as much as you can, you will not regret it, ever. Wombat4
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thank you for your message Wombat4,I am trying to be strong not only for my wife but for our 3 kids. It's hit me really hard today, guess it finally hit home that all the future plans that we had have pretty much gone and life has been reduced to a day by day existance. We have to treasure each day and make the most of the time we have left.
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Hi dazza2010 I go along with wombat4 as he is so good. I don't know what to say to you as I know you will hug her and not finish doing it. It must be so hard to be in a sensitive situation like this one. Give a lot of affection as wombat said & you won't regret it ever. How old are your children as they are young. People on the web site would love to give you & family a hug too. Glenys 000
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My heart goes out to you and your beautiful family,cry when you need to,laugh when you want to and love your dear wife as much as you can.Take each minute as it comes and know there is no wrong.Huge hugs and wishes to you and your dear wife.X
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I am sorry for this . It is good that the palliative care team are there for you. The thought of raising 3 children on your own must be daunting. For now try not to allow that thought to overwhelm you.
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I agree,love your wife as much as you can.I really feel for you and your children,take each day at a time or each moment and treasure them.Having the support from palliative care will hopefully give you the 'special' time with her. Gentle 'virtual' hugs coming your way. Dotty.
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