My brother just passed.

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My brother just passed.

 My younger brother just passed away from stage 4 colon cancer that spread to his liver. He was a bloody amazing bloke, super fit and didn't deserve this. He battled through testicel cancer also, at 19 years old that spread and nearly killed him. Im not one to use public forums but Im struggling and wanted to tell my story quickly to see if anyone else is in the same boat.


Im 32, two years older then by brother. Its not just his death at such a young age thats killing me but also the year of torchure and false hope leading up to the end of his life. The treatment was barbarik!! Chemo, radiation, scans, surgeory, pains everywhere, blood clots, needles, failing kidney it never ended and I feel the medical proffesionals in this area know little to nothing about cancer and only give you these horrible options to try and save yourself. Im angry most days and feel a sadness I cant describe every other minute of every day.


My family and I had to watch my fit, strong, happy, cheaky brother fade away to a shadow and take his last breath. All he cared about was trying to do everything he could for my parents, sisters and I because he knew it was all over for him. That broke my heart having to watch and would have given anything to be able to help him.


I love him so much. I have regrets also about time spent together as adults. I cant believe this has happened.

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Re: My brother just passed.

Morning @Tom123,


I am saddened and sorry to hear of your brother's passing Heart


Thank you for sharing some of what you are going through right now with us, I am aware it must not have been easy to do so.


If you're feeling up to it, we have a PDF booklet you can download that has been been designed to assist families, friends and carers after someone has passed. It may be of help to either yourself or perhaps your parents and sisters Heart

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Re: My brother just passed.

Hi Tom,


I feel so sorry for your loss. One thing I believe that your brother death is for us to learn a loving lesson and perhap we can prevent things happened to us from what had suffered him. My observation on cancer cares in developled countries whose have been at very low rate of success is that most of cancer patients' symptoms before the diagnosis and during treatments in hospitals is low blood pressure (BP). The chemotherapy has been making no supportive to the existing low BP and it has been reducing the life's quality of many patients. Many patients'physical capacity were not supposed to be fit in that kind of treatments but they had no any other option. Why they had so limited number of choices to the treatments for the critical illness that gave them so much in pain? Could they be able to opt out some of the treatments that might not work for them???  Actually I'm original from Vietnam, came to Canada in 1992,  and I had studied Adult Education and Engineering in Toronto. I hope to share with you on what we could learned from the loss...





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