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Hi all. I've just gotten confirmed results from two biopsies that a mass in my pelvic bone is osteosarcoma. I've already spoken with my surgeon who strongly recommends full excision. Chemo and radiation therapy would not do anything at this stage. I never thought t...Read More
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Hi all! I’m new to the community,  but not new to cancer. I was diagnosed with breast cancer and started chemo just five days before my 34th birthday this year in May. It all started when I complained of a lump to my mum who luckily is a GP- she then booked me in f...Read More
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hi everyone im not sure how active these forums are but thought i’d pop in and say hi anyway. today i was told a lesion that was removed from my vulva  had come back from pathology as being cancer. of course your mind goes into a blank spin when you hear that word ...Read More
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Hey all,  I am unsure how to word what I am going through but know that this forum would allow me to gather more comprehension on how I feel as what I have read through so far in the  forum, we all mourn news and express emotions differently which is humbling to kn...Read More
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We are writing to reach out to individuals who may have experienced an extravasation during their medical treatment. Many patients are unaware of this patient-safety issue and we are hoping to bring it to light. What is an Extravasation of Radiopharmaceuticals? It ...Read More
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